Thank you for facilitating the offsite with my leadership team. Your skill encouraged an openness and engagement that led to a much better understanding of how our team behaves and what we will do differently to be more effective leaders. Feedback on the event was very positive and we look forward to working with you again.

Trusted Leader

Provides sales managers with the tools and capabilities to coach and performance manage across a wide range of sales situations.

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Leadership Transition Programme

Preparing people for transition to a higher level of management is a challenge for which many companies are ill prepared.

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Executive Coaching

Why has coaching become one of the fastest growing areas of people development?

Because of the way it transforms results from executives, leaders and senior managers – within businesses, large and small.

The performance of teams, divisions and whole organisations can be unleashed through leaders who accelerate their impact.

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My L.E.A.D.
(Leadership Exploration And Development)

Laurens Van Der Post, the South African poet and author once wrote that “Every man must be his own leader….he must follow the light that’s within himself and through this light he will create a new community.” Written for a different time and place those words are still true today. Business people face challenges in this volatile, uncertain and ambiguous world as never before. My LEAD is a programme which helps today’s leaders ‘light the light of leadership’ which inside them and enables them to become a beacon for others to follow.

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